SQL Backup Recovery

SQL Backup Recovery

SQL Backup Recovery Tool Helps Curing Corrupt .BAK Files

SQL Backup Recovery tool is designed to recover data from corrupt SQL backup (.bak) files that becomes inaccessible due to corruption or error issues. The tool helps extracting healthy and recoverable data from SQL database MDF and brings them back to accessible mode. It also helps in eliminating error message from backup files and make encapsulated data available. There are some impeccable features offered by the tool that are discussed in next section.



SQL Backup Recovery Software

Remarkable Traits Offered by BAK Files Recovery Tool

Outstanding Characteristics of The Tool
view corrupt backup

Recover Corrupt Backup Files

The tool offers complete recovery of backup files including all the components such as tables, stored procedures, triggers, rules, keys, columns, functions, etc; and generates preview of recovered data within the tool panel. The tool is not bounded with any file size limitation, so even large SQL database file can be recovered using the tool.

multiple files supports

Offers Adding Files\ Folders

The tool offers to add either multiple files or folder for processing and recovers batch files at once. The tool offers automatic and manual options to select the files through following given options:

  • "Auto detect the SQL server multiple backup (.bak) files"
  • "Let me choose the SQL server multiple backup (.bak) files"
multiple scanning mode

Dual Scan Modes Available

The tool is equipped with powerful scanning feature that performs superb with uploaded file and extracts all healthy data out of it. It offers two scan modes:

  • Quick Scan: For recovering MDF files from minor corruption issues.
  • Advance Scan: For fetching data from highly corrupted SQL database files.
Distinct storage

Offers Distinct Storage Options

  • SQL Server DB: If you choose to export file using this option, the tool will ask you to enter Server name; Database name; Username and Password credentials.
  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: Using this, you can store DB files as SQL compatible scripts that further offers to access files in any SQL Server.
multiple exporting mode

Two Export Modes Available

  • Export as "With only Schema": Only Schema is created for database components such as tables, stored procedure etc.
  • Export as "With Schema & Data": Creates both Schema and Data for selected database tables, triggers, and all other components.
restore deleted sql records

Recovers Deleted SQL Records

Tool is capable of recovering deleted data from SQL MDF files. Its powerful extract mechanism fetches deleted records from database tables and all other components and restores them back at user defined location without affecting their original formatting and actual structure.

no size limit

No SQL BAK File Size Limitation

The tool is not bounded with any file size limitation issues. Any kind of SQL backup files including large size files can be recovered while maintaining all the essential attributes of BAK files. Moreover, large size of backup files does not affect either the performance or the output initiated of the tool.

compatible all sql server

Support All SQL Server Versions

It is designed and developed to support recovery of all SQL backup files including SQL Servers 2012; MS SQL Server 2008 R2; MS SQL Server 2008; MS SQL Server 2005; MS SQL Server 2000. The tool also supports data types of Extensible Markup Language (XML) for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012.

Clients Testimonials:

The backup files are the back bone for any organization and losing them is something very frustrating but SQL Backup Recovery proved a boon for our firm as it helped in getting back all lost data and all old records from corrupt backup files. Thanks to the tool for its efficient functionality and accurate output.
Thank You :)

Genelia Gordan

Genelia Gordan


I got some old corrupted SQL database files that I need to recover in order to get data back for a project analysis. My colleague recommended this SQL Backup Recovery software and I was amazed to see the seamless recovery procedure. It not only helped me recovering data from corrupt files but also offered me to recover deleted records along with other information.

Xavier Peter

Xavier Peter