SQL Database Recovery

SQL Database Recovery

SQL Database Recovery Solution for Recovering Database from SUSPECT Mode

SQL Database Recovery software is a complete remedial solution for recovering SQL database files from all sorts of corruptions. Sometimes, we come across numerous critical situations like when SQL Server database go into suspect mode. During that moment, you cannot work on the database as database go into suspect mode because primary file group got damage and database fails to recover it.


After this disaster, you look for reasons causing such an issue and consequently arise the need to repair database from suspect mode. It helps in recovering MDF as well as NDF files from state of corruption and also offers to recover deleted data from database files. The tool comes with powerful recovery mechanisms that help recovering database from SUSPECT mode without affecting its original structure.



SQL Recovery Software

Key Attributes Offered by Database Recovery Tool

Latest & Versatile Features
complete recovery

Complete Database Recovery

The software ensures complete database recovery including tables, triggers, stored procedures, views, functions, etc. It also recovers primary and secondary databases from corrupt mode and fetches all recoverable data to make files accessible.

dual scanning mode

Offers Dual Scanning Modes

It offers 'Quick' and 'Advance' scan for recovering files as per damage i.e. if the damage is of minimal extent, quick scan mode can be used and if the corruption is of higher density then advance scan mode can be used to recover database files.

direct export data on server

Export as SQL Server Database

SQL database recovery tool offers storing recovered database files to SQL Server database by providing Server name; Database name; Username and Password credentials. The exported files can further be viewed in supported SQL version only.

saving scanning report

Saves Generated Scan Report

The scan report displays information about the selected MDF file and this report can be saved for future reference. So that whenever you need to export this particular file, software will not scan it again and this will help saving time.

restore deleted tables

Recovers Deleted Database Items

If any data from SQL database gets deleted accidently then the software can recover that deleted data through advance scan mode. It restores data back on machine without making any changes to its original formatting and the actual structure of data remains unchanged.


auto detect server version

Automatically Detects SQL Version

The powerful detect algorithms of the tool helps detecting SQL Server version automatically. Once you select the MDF or NDF files that are to be recovered, the tool auto-detects the SQL Server version to which these files are associated to. Also offers to add Server version manually if known.


sql server compatible scripts

Save as SQL Server Compatible SQL Script

It also offers to save the recovered data in SQL Server compatible scripts. The tool generates information report on how the files can be viewed when saved using this option and the benefit is that these files are portable and can be opened on any SQL Server version.


export options

Multiple Export Options

The tools will offer you to select either of two given options for storing recovered database files:

  • With only 'Schema': Creates schema for selected components such as tables, procedures, etc.
  • With 'Schema' & 'Data': Offers to export both schema as well as data for storing database file.

Clients Testimonials:

SQL Database recovery is a challenging task that includes fear of losing crucial data as well. SQL Recovery software offers complete recovery of MDF as well as NDF files along with maintaining integrity and actual structure of data. Thanks to the tool for providing efficient database recovery procedure

Adam Wellston

Adam Wellston


Quick and accurate recovery is something I was looking for to recover corrupt SQL files. Major concern was to store these files in some portable format so that I can view it on other systems as well and SQL recovery tool helped me resolving the issues as it offered storing database files in compatible SQL scripts.

Steve Cowley

Steve Cowley

Palmerstone North (NZ)