SQL Decryptor

Decrypt SQL Database

Software Program to Decrypt the Encryption of SQL Databases

SQL Encryption is an important phenomenon to protect the databases. But this protective step can become burdensome if this encryption is stopping you from accessing your own databases. This happens often and to solve this issue you can utilize a caliber tool "SQL Decryptor" which can decrypt the databases and its elements. The output will be same database with all the elements like Triggers, Functions, Stored Procedures, Views, etc. saved in non-encrypted format. With a graphical user-interface you can easily instruct software to perform the task of decryption which includes loading, decryption, and saving. The whole task is worry-free and due to advance algorithms, does not manipulate any data of SQL files.

  • Software supports SQL Server 2014 and all below versions
  • Encryption removal from the entire MS SQL database
  • Dual Login Mode Supported: SQL Server & Windows Authentication
  • Export and Save as; SQL Server or SQL Compatible Scripts



SQL Decryptor

Paramount Features Of SQL Decryption Software

Get The Best SQL Decryption Solution
remove encryption

Erase Encryption

Software decrypts the SQL database which was encrypted to let you access the data without any problem. If the database is very important and needs to be accessed as soon as possible then this solution is foremost for decryption.


Two-Way Login

SQL Decryption tool supports both log-ins modes; Windows Authenticated and SQL Server Authenticated. For Windows Authentication you will have to provide name of database, and for SQL Server you will have to enter Server credentials.


Preview Provision

Once the encrypted database is loaded to software, all the data including; Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, will be available to view on the display screen of software. You can check of the decryption has been done properly or not.


Export Options

In order to save the decrypted SQL database you can save the data with two options. First option is SQL Server and second is SQL Server Compatible Scripts. You can choose the option as per your choice.


sql server live

Live SQL Server

To execute the software, live SQL Server is needed and only then you will be able to run this software. You have to provide the necessary credentials and information like database name which you want to decrypt to the software.

supports all sql server versions

Versatile Software

Decryption Software supports all the versions of Windows OS including Windows 8. And along with this it runs with all the SQL Server including the latest one; 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005, and 2000. But this SQL version must be live on the machine.

no file size limitation

No Size Limitation

This software is also has been designed with unique algorithms and thus it manages to decrypt those files which are very large. Thus if your SQL databases are very large in size and you want to remove encryption then you can utilize this tool.

easy steps

Easy on Usage

In spite of quality features and advance technology at backend, this software is very easy to use and can be handled by a non-technical or novice user as well. The software has graphical and interactive interface thus its helps you taking next step.

Client Reciprocation

We were stuck in the middle of certain task where encryption was needed to be removed from some databases. SQL Decryptor came to our rescue and with couple of clicks we could decrypt the data from SQL files. Software is amazingly swift and dexterous. Thanks!




SQL Decryptor is a quality tool providing relief from encrypted databases when it is really necessary. I could utilize the software at an ease and the output had no flaw or data mismanagement. I am very obliged to your service. Genuine regards!