SQL Log Analyzer

SQL Log Analyzer Tool

Analyze SQL Log Files To Quickly Recover SQL Server Database!

MS SQL Server database corruption is sometimes inevitable which leads to damage in MDF and its associated NDF files. Inaccessibility of server data for a long time certainly cannot be accepted by organizations where it is setup. This is because the DB usually contains important, crucial and critical information of the concerned establishment. Therefore, a suitable way out to promptly retrieve data from the database should be incorporated. Retrieving data by the complete scan of the server's primary MDF and secondary NDF file taken much longer time, so when it is urgent to get back accessibility to data as soon as possible SQL Log Analyzer is suggested for use. The only thing required with the tool is the LOG details for last backup of SQL data.




SQL Log Analyzer

The reason behind the advice is that the software analyzes the SQL log files saved as .ldf file which consists of the all the transactions and reveals the associated corrupt MDF file. Through this the complete scanning of SQL server database is avoided and only the damaged MDF shall have to get repaired to make the SQL database in the correct form. The features of the software application are explored below:

  • Application Supports Only MS Windows Operating System
  • Tool Supports All The Versions Of Windows OS Including The Latest 8.1
  • Software Supports SQL Server Edition 2008, 2008R2 And Below Versions
  • Large File Size Handling Ability: Comes Screened with 1.5 TB of LDF/MDF File

Characteristics of Log Analyzer Tool

That Detects Corrupt SQL MDF File
complete log activity

Examines Complete Log Activity

The Log Analyzer completely examines the LDF files of SQL Server database and provides its preview; which includes transaction name, transaction time, query, table name, etc. As SQL Server stores all its log activity and transaction details in LDF file, it is easier to detect the corrupt primary files.

fast data recovery

Speedy SQL Database Recovery

The Log Analyzer studies only the small sized transaction log files of the corrupt SQL database and reveals the associated corrupt MDF file. This in turn leads to rapid recovery of server database because this process avoids scanning of the large sized MDF files that actually contains the data info.


Export as SQL Server Database

If it is chosen to export SQL log file queries directly to Server DB then it is essential to supply valid database credentials such as name of server, name of database, its username and password too. It should be noted that data be moved to any other location in Server so as to avoid overwriting existing database.


Preview All SQL Log Communication

The Log Analyzer provides preview of the log activity with fields such as transaction name and time, name of table and query; after scanning the LDF file. Operations such as Insert, Delete, Update, etc. with their details like class, id, name and status too can be viewed with the preview option that the tool renders.

multiple export options

3 Export Options For SQL Log File

Tool furnishes in total 3 migration choices to export log file queries as SQL files such as: export as SQL database, export as SQL compatible SQL scripts and export as CSV file. The exported queries are then utilized to recover the corrupt SQL database.

add ldf and mdf

Add Either LDF Only Or Both MDF And LDF

For detection of corrupt SQL Server MDF file the Log Analyzer allows adding .ldf file. This is because it auto-detects associated MDF file if the two are present at one location. Or else MDF file can be browsed if place varies.

sql scripts

SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts

It is recommended to export SQL log file queries in SQL Server compatible SQL scripts if it is required to move retrieved data to some other SQL Server database. The SQL script can be utilized to export data on any SQL Server as per need.

select tables to export

Export Selected Tables Only

While moving log file queries tables can be checked/unchecked according to need so as to save only elected table data. If data is to be recovered from any table then the exact folder can be chosen to export it as CSV, SQL DB or as SQL Server compatible script.

Clients Testimonials:

I being the database administrator in the Company was at mess having got SQL Server database corrupt. It was not that this had happened for the first time but the tool that I had used before resulted in failure. Then one of my friends suggested using SQL Log Analyzer and the issue was fixed. Really the application deserves applaud!

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes


The SQL Log Analyzer is an expert tool that helped me recover SQL database quickly by analyzing the log files. The working of the tool is as easy as a child's play and I would suggest the analyzer for everyone in the same situation.

Thanks a lot!

Alice Woods

Alice Woods